Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Shoes Made In Gombak - PETRONAS Ads

August 17, 2007 Updates :-

AGLOCO website is down today! Hopefully Agloco will rectify Members Updates display today-as at 10.00am.

"Selamat Menyambut Hari Kemerdekaan Indonesia untuk semua ahli Agloco-Indonesia. Wish you all the best".- Mentor Gemilang.

Indonesia.. Merah darahku, Putih Tulangku, Bersatu dalam semangatku. apa arti sebenarnya kemerdekaan buat kita? apakah kita benar-benar sudah merdeka? Hmmm setiap kepala punya jawaban yang berbeda pastinya. .. saya hanya bisa berkata MERDEKA!!!!


FYI, Indonesian are the 2nd largest online community frequenting this blog.

" Kok Kasut?... Bukan nya Sepatu Buatan Gombak dooong"!!!-bilang teman di Indonesia.

15th August Updates

"Apa salahnya kalau kasut saya buatan Gombak ?".
Ini adalah antara kata-kata yang terdapat di iklan Petronas sempena sambutan hari kemerdekaan yang ke 50 tahun ini. Iklan ini bermatlamat untuk menggalakkan rakyat Malaysia berbangga dengan produk keluaran negara.

What's wrong if your shoes is made in Gombak?

Gombak is a district within the state of Selangor, Malaysia. It's well connected to Kuala Lumpur, but buying shoes made in Gombak? Even for Malaysian, we will say..You wanna buy a shoe made in Gombak? Even I doubt if there is any shoe factory there!

Well,it's a TV commercial produced by PETRONAS, in conjuction with Malaysia 50th year of nationhood.

For most Malaysian, when we mentioned PETRONAS, we feel proud...just look at this report by :-

PETROLIAM Nasional Bhd (Petronas) has climbed up 13 notches to occupy the 120th spot in this year's Fortune Global 500 list.

Petronas' advancement in the widely-followed list has a lot to do with the higher revenue of US$44.3 billion (RM163.5 billion) the state-owned oil corporation announced recently.

Fortune also ranked Petronas at number 15 in terms of highest profit gained by a company in the world.

So members, it doesn't matter in which part of the world you are proud of your country and be proud of the products that is produced by your country...this is what Malaysia Boleh is....if Russia and USA plans to send astronauts to Mars...Malaysia would too (if Russia permits).

Malaysia Boleh is, if others could, why can't we too?

It doesn't matter if our population is only 26 million...size does not count, it's the spirit of Malaysia Boleh!

Just for members information, this blog is being viewed by global visitors (surfers)....latest web statistic on aglocojalurgemilang blog:- 43 COUNTRIES Visitors

Where does the visitors came from?

Thanks to all AGLOCO Members,especially Gemilang Members, i am proud to be in AGLOCO, it's a global community, and i am proud to be a Malaysian too, and i believe Agloco will be a BIG success.....that's what this blog is all proud of what you do..and what you are, always!

(Don't worry, i won't force you to buy shoes MADE IN GOMBAK..hehehe!)

Footnote:- Members worldwide are still waiting for Updates to Agloco Hours..that doesn't mean you can't log in 5 hours for it!