Thursday, September 6, 2007

MOL FREEDOM Prepaid Mastercard EON BANK

EonBank 2nd offering is a Mastercard Unembossed Card named the MOL Freedom Card. It seems like a prepaid credit card but without the monthly fees yet it can be used for making payments like a credit card.

MOL Freedom enables anybody above the age of 12 to own a MasterCard with guaranteed approval.

(This card is fully recommended by Mentor Gemilang)

MOL Freedom has worldwide acceptance and can be used to perform online purchases and auctions securely via MOLSafePay. Funds that have been topped-up into MOL Freedom can also be withdrawn at any Cirrus ATM machine locally and globally.

Depositing funds into the MOL Freedom Card range from 7-Eleven (RM4 top-up charge) to over the counter deposits at EON Bank & EONCAP Islamic Bank Branches & selected online banking institutions like Maybank2U & RHB Bank.

This basically means that, if you have in need to buy things online that need credit cards like you can just apply for this and top up from the various reload center provided. This includes banks such as Eon Bank, Maybank2u, RHB, Bank Islam, Public Bank, CIMB and Hong Leong

Starter Pack Price at 7-Eleven : RM25 per pack

Activation Fee RM15 will be deducted from the initial top-up

Monthly Fee Nil

Max. Top-up Amount Up to RM10,000

Max. Top-up Per Day 2 times

Annual Fee Waived for 1 year RM20 for subsequent year and it will be waived if cardholder had used the card more than 12 times in a calendar year

Cash Withdrawal Zero fee through EON Bank and EONCAP Islamic Bank ATMs and RM10 through the CIRRUS network worldwide

Top-up Fee Zero fee through EON Bank and EONCAP Islamic Bank and

- RM4 through the 7-Eleven Outlets.
- RM2 through the Other Channels.

Overseas Transactions Foreign Exchange/Conversion Fee based on 1% of the purchased value and a Retail Transaction Fee of RM1 per transaction

Top-up MOLePoints via MOL Freedom (click to visit MOL website)

MOL Freedom, being an integral part of MOL AccessPortal Berhad’s suite of products, can be used to purchase MOLePoints, an online micropayment system that enables its MOL Members to shop online at

1. Visit and login to your MOL Member account by keying in your username and password. If you do not have an existing MOL Member account please click here to register.

2. Once you have logged into the MOL FreedomZone, click on Top-Up MOLePoints button on the left panel.

3. Key in your MOL Freedom Number, Expiry Date and the amount that you wish to top-up and click on the 'Top-Up' button. Note: During this process, please do not close or refresh the window. You need to receive a confirmation message before closing this window.

4. An updated page will appear once your transaction is completed. You will be given a Reference Number and details of the transaction will be shown.

Mentor Comments:- Fully Recommended - It's easy and uncomplicated ( what else you need to ask if even 12 years old can understand to use it and register by themself..hmmm)

How about purchasing from outside Malaysia? will give you a report soon!