Wednesday, September 5, 2007

IMPIAN Prepaid Mastercard EON BANK

Look's like EON BANK Malaysia is the leading issuer of Prepaid Mastercard with 3 products. The 1st is IMPIAN Mastercard - you purchase the card over the counter at the bank, pay RM 100 (US$1= RM3.55)less joining fee of RM 50 and 1st year fee of RM 20. Your card balance will be RM 30. (note min. top-up is RM 50 at EON BANK).

Note:- Use EON BANK atm nationwide for cash withdrawal-it's free!

What is “Impian” Unembossed MasterCard?

The “Impian” Unembossed MasterCard is a prepaid card product that is created for customers who do not have access to traditional credit cards or consumers who primarily use cash

Why “Impian” Unembossed MasterCard?

It's FREE For Life!
First Year Annual Fee FREE Subsequent year renewal fee will be waived if Cardholder spends at least 12 times on the “Impian” Unembossed MasterCard over the preceding 12 months

FREE Personal Accident Insurance
Cardholders are entitled to a free Personal Accident Insurance coverage of RM3,000 for 12 months upon activation.

UP TO 30% discount on APH subscription
Cardholders are able to enjoy a selection of magazines like Varia Pop, Hidayah and Variasari at a special discounted price.

“BONUS PLUS” Rewards Programme
With EON Bank Group “Impian” Unembossed MasterCard, there’s so many ways to reward yourself. Each time you use your “Impian” Card, you will be rewarded with ONE “Bonus Plus” Point for every Ringgit charged to your card. With these “Bonus Plus” points, a string of irresistible mix of merchandise is ready for your redemption. The best part is, you can accumulate your “Bonus Plus” points for up to three years. Not your life will be a rewarding adventure.

CASH WITHDRAWAL at all EON Bank Group ATMs or ATMs with Cirrus logo
Your “Impian” Unembossed MasterCard allows you to draw out cash at any EON Bank Group ATMs or at ATMs with the Cirrus logo conveniently.

FUNDS Transferring
Standing order to transfer funds from EON Bank Savings or Current Account to “Impian” Unembossed MasterCard. The Standing Instruction will be done automatically on the 1st or 15th of every month.

RELOAD your Card
Reload up to RM9,500 or 5 reloads per day whichever comes first.

WORLDWIDE acceptance and privileges which carries the MasterCard Logo
The MasterCard logo is the only muscle you need to flex for your shopping power. Accepted worldwide, it is guaranteed that you’ll receive maximum satisfaction from your card

Fees & Charges

Annual Fee
RM 20.00 (First year fee)

Joining Fee
RM 50.00

Initial Top-up Amount
Minimum RM 50.00

Reload Amount
Any amount via:
EON Bank Group Branches
EON Bank Group ATMs (Transfer from Savings or Current Account)
EON Bank Group Cheque or Cash Deposit Machines
Cheque/Bank Draft or Money Order (by mail)
Auto Funds Transfer from EON Bank and Finance Savings or Current Account

ATM Cash Withdrawal Fee

EON Bank Group ATMs Free
Cirrus Logo ATMs RM 10.00 per Withdrawal

Credit Card Replacement Fee
RM 15.00

Credit Balance Refund
RM 5 per Request

Lost Card Liability
Zero Liability after written notification

Minimum Card Balance
RM 20

Returned Cheque Penalty
RM 100

Statement Request
RM 5 per request

Sales Draft Retrieval
RM 15 per draft

Incentive for Credit Balance
Not Applicable

Standing Instruction for Funds Transfer from EBG Savings or Current Account to “Impian” Unembossed MasterCard